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Artist Name:Jimmi EZz

Jimmi EZz (Jimmi E .. Gimmi Me .. Let Me Be ..)

If you ask me , I’m just a vibe that’s hard to find . A very humble young 26 yr old delevoping music artist with a very passionate master plan to show my love for music and entertainmaint to the world !! I was born outside of Baltimore , Maryland but I’m originally from the City of Brotherly Love Philadelphia . I’ve lived up and down the mid and northern parts of the East Coast such as DC , Maryland , VA , Delaware , but mostly Philadelphia. Creating music is the best that ever happened to me . Be on the look out for new E.P. that’s about to drop
The Survival Epilogue­čĹî­čĺâ­čĽ║­čÄÖ´ŞĆ­čÄ­čÄÁ­čÄ╝­čÄž­čÄĄ­čÄĚ­čÄŞ­čô»­čÄ╣­čÄ║­čÄ╗­čąü

Follow me IG – @_jimmi.ezz

Facebook – https://facebook.com/JimmiEZzMusicVibez

Twitter – @TheRealJimmiEZz

YouTube – Jimmi EZz Jimmi EZz

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