James Lovelock: ‘I could Not Waste My Fortune on Colonizing Mars’

James Lovelock can be a British scientist in addition to also inventor. He can be also 100 years old. His research extends into the fields of medicine, biology in addition to also geophysiology in addition to also he has filed more than 50 patents. With NASA, he searched for life in outer space. He has been influential from the environmental movement since he developed the Gaia hypothesis from the 1960s: the idea of the Earth in addition to also its inhabitants as a kind of self-regulating system. This kind of theory was initially dismissed by many scientists as esoteric nevertheless has since found its way into climate research in addition to also can be right now called Earth System Science. Lovelock enjoys controversy, in addition to also his fresh book, “Novacene: The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence,” out in German in addition to also English, can be likely to again stir up opposition via environmentalists. He lives with his wife Sandy in a cottage directly on the beach in Dorset, along England’s southern (in addition to also windy) coast.

DER NewsGerman: Mr. Lovelock, how are Earth’s chances of survival?

Lovelock: Gaia can be in double jeopardy. On the one hand, our sun can be slowly getting hotter in addition to also hotter until the idea will have burned up all life one day. On the different hand, humans are artificially accelerating This kind of warming by greenhouse gases. This kind of can be very, very stupid of us.

James Lovelock: ‘I could Not Waste My Fortune on Colonizing Mars’

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